We are appointed Singapore Notary Public in Singapore and we provide notarisation and legalisation services to individuals and companies.
Our notary public services include the following:

A. Witnessing and Attesting to execution of documents like Power of Attorney, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Bank Loan documents, Statutory Declaration, Statements, Renunciation of Citizenship, Affirmation, Affidavit, Bill of Sale, Ship Mortgage, etc.

B. Certifying true copy or original of documents like Passport, Identity Card, Education Certificate, Company documents like Certification of Incorporation, Business Profile, Constitution, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Financial Statement, Invoices, etc.

Common transactions which require our notary services include sale and purchase of properties, mortgage loans, know-your-clients (KYC”), ant-money laundering requirements, setting up companies and business overseas, appointing Attorney of Fact overseas, court proceedings, adoption proceedings, appointment of guardians, etc.

We also provide the following value added services:

A. Arranging for Authentication by Singapore Academy of Law.

B. Arranging for Verification by Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

C. Legalisation at Embassies of China, Vietnam, Egypt, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Argentina, etc.

D. Notary Public Certification and Translation services for Singapore and overseas use.